Unity Gardens awards grants up to $1,000 for community greening projects. These grants are available to qualified non profit groups such as neighborhoods, churches, schools, scout troops, community organizations and more. To be eligible for grant consideration, a project must have :

  • A demonstrated level of volunteer participation and leadership.
  • A potential benefit for the community and environment.
  • A feasible plan including goals, a basic site plan, a budget and a time line.
  • A long-term plan for maintenance and sustainability.

Grant applications are accepted in the spring (Jan. 15 - Mar. 15) and fall (July 1 - August 31).  See below to learn more about how Unity Gardens can help your community blossom.   

GREAT NEWS! Our generous partner Patuxent Nursery offers wholesale prices (without guarantees on their material) to all Unity Gardens' grantees! They have also offered to supply FREE mulch and compost which they make daily! Thank you so much Patuxent Nursery for this incredibly generous offer!    

          Unity Gardens Grant Information

Unity Gardens Grants 101: What you need to know before applying

Unity Gardens Online Grant Application for Spring 2017

Unity Gardens 2017 Grant Application (pdf version)

5 Steps to Choosing and Planning a Successful Project!

Developing a Final Report (Coming Soon!)

Helpful Resources

Unity Gardens Grantees: Look Whose Growing! 


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